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Oct 2, 2012 1:00pm PDT
a good supreme court justice. after all he's picked a couple and taught constitutional law. he said over and over again for him this is all about what's in a judge's heart. when he nominated sonia sotomayor to the supreme court, president obama laid out his criteria for justices. chief among them empathy. >> it is experience that give a person common sense and touch and compassion and understanding of how the world works and how ordinary people live. and that is why it is a necessary ingredient in the kind of justice we need on the supreme court. >> reporter: it's a trait president obama probably wishes more justices shared when they decided citizens united, the case that largely removed independent corporate spending limits on federal political campaigns. he called out the high court during his 2010 state of the union address. >> with all due deference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interests. >> reporter: four months later the president made sure to highlight similar themes when he nomi
Sep 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
argued before the court thinks he'll do it gradually. >> he's not trying to move the law radically quickly. i think justice scalia or justice thomas really want to get to the end answer as quickly as possible and make the law conform to what they really understand. whereas the chief justice is more incrementalist. >> reporter: but conservative court watcher doesn't believe anything wl chan any time soon. >> certainly this is not a crusading conservative court. until we have a shift i think in the membership of the court, it's impossible to call it a court that leans more to the left or to the right. >> and, wolf, for those opinions that could be close five-to-four decisions close attention will also be paid to justice kennedy who is frequently the swing vote in some of the toughest cases. >> going to be some very important cases coming up. joe, thanks very, very much. let's dig a bit deeper right now with our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. his new book entitled "the oath" debuts this week atumber five on the "new york times" best seller list. congratulations, jeff. good work.
Oct 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
health care law last june. so how might mitt romney change the high court if he becomes president of the united states? he's already giving all of us some major clues. let's bring in cnn's crime and justice correspondent joe johns who's taking a closer look. what are you seeing? >> the supreme court doesn't get talked about that much on the campaign trail. but choosing a justice is one of the most important things a president does. it's how on administration puts its mark on some of the nation east toughest, most divisive issues. and we have a look at how mitt romney might handle it if he's president. whenever mitt romney fielded questions during the primaries about his picks for the supreme court, he was armed with a stock republican answer. >> what i would look to do would be to appoint people to the supreme court that will follow strictly the constitution as opposed to to legislating from the bench. >> reporter: but he wouldn't choose a favorite. >> would you pick one, please? >> yes, roberts, thomas, alito and scalia. >> reporter: all that changed in june when roberts cast the
Sep 26, 2012 1:00pm PDT
law. one change makes registering voters harder for community groups who typically reach out more to minorities. these groups now must turn in registration forms within 48 hours or face thousand-dollar fines. false registration can lead to higher fines and up to five years in prison. >> accountability hurts. it's never comfortable. >> another change sharply reduces early voting days, which are more popular with minorities than with whites. >> just look at the rules and play by the rules. >> and still another forces some people who move to vote provisional ballots which more often affect minorities and students. >> one of the things i think was really going wrong is the opportunity for local elections to be displaced or stolen by just people coming in and moving their address. >> all of this in the name of preventing voter fraud. >> every single time this fraud is allowed to occur in florida, your right to vote and my right to vote is degraded. >> bill 1355 is going to create an undo hardship on minority voters in the state of florida in addition to the elderly, poor and rural vote
Oct 3, 2012 1:00pm PDT
be in a pretty strong position politically here to argue that due process and rule of law would be or best weapon of al qaeda in preventing him from appearing as a martyr. a direct quote from the president in this new book. lisa sylvester's monitoring some of the top stories in "the situation room" right now. >> hi, wolf. turkey struck back at syria after a cross-border mortar strike. the office of the turkish prime minister says "points in syria have been hit by artillery fire." a mortar strike killed five people near the border. a nato meeting is underway now and it comes on the same day that three car bombs hit a popular square in aleppo, syria's biggest city. at least 40 people were killed in that strike. that city has become the epicenter of the battle between rebels and the forces of president bashar al assad. and a home burglary has left a denver man without the last photographs taken of his 6-year-old granddaughter, a victim of the aurora theater shootings. this is one picture of the youngest of the 12 people killed at the movie theater in july. the denver post reports that robert sulliva
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
minutes. >> why is this taking so long for law enforcement to respond? it took 14:57 from the time we were sure we were first spotted until the time the phoenix police actually arrived. >> reporter: but phoenix police say their response time was much faster. >> once the call was actually put out by dispatch to the time we got to that home, it was about three and a half minutes. >> reporter: tur li is a filmmaker. according to his facebook page, he's also a master hypnotist and magician. but his latest project was hardly movie magic according to police. >> that's a terrorist incident because we don't use grenade launchers in this country. >> that's christine lacraw of our phoenix affiliate ktvk. he faces a number of charges including knowingly giving a false impression of a terror act. he's free on bond. we tried to contact him for comment but did not hear back, at least not yet. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu literally drawing a red line. ahhhh drill sound chirping electric shaver shaking remote tapping sound shaking drill chirping tapping shaking remote wouldn't it be great
Sep 27, 2012 1:00pm PDT
for law enforcement to respond? it took 14:57 from the time we were sure we were first spotted until th the phoenix police actually ar >> reporte b phoenix police sa their respime was much faster. >> once the call was actuay out spatch to the time we g tohat home, ias about three and a half mis.>> r fike according to hisfacebook page, he ao a master hypnotist and . but hislatest project was hardly movie magic accorng to >> that's a terrorist incident because we don't use grenade launchers in this untry. >>our phoix affiliate charg in knowingly giving a fals impression of a terro act. he's free on bond. we tried to contact him for comment but n hear back, at least not yet. >>> israelie minister benjamin nanyahu literally drawing a red line. ahhhh drill sound chirping eshaking remote tapping sound akinl chirpi tapping shaking remote wouldn't it bereat t less btery to worry about? car honking irping the 2012 sonata hybrid. the only hybrid with a lifime hybrid battery warranty. from hyundai. he only yogurt brand endorsed by weight watchers and youraste buds have always endorsed us. so, y
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)